Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yummy Mummy

I found the funny Halloween font that was used in the photo above in an article on The font is called Kingthings Lupine and was designed by Kevin King.  

Got this cute little cake for our office Halloween party this afternoon

For some reason I wasn't motivated to dress up this year as I usually do, but for something a little more special than my usual brown, I added some gold pencil atop winged-out black liquid liner. I'm afraid it's not very exciting or Halloween-ish though... I think I'll start working on ideas for a costume next year! 

And here are a few photos from the office potluck: 

Spiderweb dip 

Coconut key lime cupcakes   

Home-made ghost meringues

Creative labeling from a co-worker

This pumpkin looks a little dazed and confused! 

I hope you have a great evening, wherever you are in the world! My thoughts are with those on the East Coast affected by Hurricane Sandy. I wish them all the best during the difficult recovery and rebuilding period.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nature Photography: Coral Gables Wayside Park Water Birds

Recently I took advantage of some free time to take some photos at a place that I pass by often but have never photographed. This spot is known as the Entrance to Central Miami and also goes by the name Coral Gables Wayside Park--although it is quite small and perhaps not what one would typically consider a park. It is no more than a bit of land alongside a waterway/canal. One of the special features of the landscape here are the eight Mediterranean-revival style towers built in 1925. The park was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1989. 

 "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair.

Ibis gathering twigs 

What a handsome pair! I'm not used to seeing geese in Miami--lots of ducks, but rarely geese--so these two were a nice surprise. 

It's a lovely day for a stroll 

If you were to continue along the waterway you would arrive at The Biltmore Hotel, only minutes away. 

Now doesn't this spot look like a nice hangout for the proverbial "troll under the bridge"? 

In the center above you can see a few Cormorants and a duck off to the right. Below is a larger view of a Cormorant with its beautiful blue eyes and narrow, hooked bill, perfectly suited for catching fish. 


Banyan trees 

I've always thought the heart cut-out detail in these towers was a unique touch. 

This looks like it could be the entrance to a secret garden. 

Surely one of the nicer bus benches you'll find in Miami, adorned with a pretty white egret design.



I hope you all have a great Sunday. And to anyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy, be safe!  

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Nail Colors - 2012 Edition

Mini light-up spooky haunted house from Target 

It's time once again for my annual Halloween nail color post! Below are thirteen shades I chose that I thought would be appropriate for some Halloween fun. I've included a couple of Zoya's first ever holo shades, from their new holiday collection Ornate. Also new here is Sephora by OPI's Here's Lilac-in At You Kid, which must be seen in person to appreciate its true beauty! (If you would like to see past Halloween nail posts, click here for 2011 and here for 2010.)

  1. Essie - Fear or Desire
  2. Sephora - Torrid Shimmer
  3. Zoya - Electra 
  4. Misa - Phazers on Stunning 
  5. Zoya - Logan 
  6. Zoya - Ray 
  7. China Glaze - Glistening Garland 
  8. Zoya - Storm 
  9. Butter London - The Black Knight 
  10. Sinful Colors - Daddy's Girl 
  11. Zoya - Aurora 
  12. Sephora by OPI - Here's Lilac-in At You Kid 
  13. China Glaze - Marry a Millionaire 

Left to right: Essie Fear or Desire, Sephora Torrid Shimmer, Zoya Electra, Misa Phazers on Stunning, Zoya Logan 

Left to right: Zoya Ray, China Glaze Glistening Garland, Zoya Storm, Butter London The Black Knight

Close-up comparison: Zoya's Storm (top) has holographic shimmer, whereas Butter London's The Black Knight (bottom) has small black, pink, blue, and silver glitter, giving it more of a rough texture.  

Left to right: Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl, Zoya Aurora, SOPI Here's Lilac-in At You, Kid, China Glaze Marry a Millionaire

Do you have any special plans for Halloween? What color nail polish will you be wearing, if any? I think I might go with this one: 

Glitter owl and haunted house from Target. 

Best wishes to all for a safe & fun Halloween!