Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday Window Shopping & Pet Shop Stop

Hello friends! It's been a while since I've been able to do a full post, but I thought I would share these snapshots I took while I was out earlier today. I've been enjoying spending time on Instagram lately, and those of you who follow me there may have already seen a few of these photos (you can find me on Instagram by clicking on the pink camera icon at the top right of this page).

Springtime is always a fun time of year for shopping, in both the fashion and beauty realms--especially if you are a fan of color. Brights and pastels are a great way to shake off the winter doldrums and get ready for summer.

Striped fabric platform wedge from Nine West "Chillpill"

This set of mini polishes from Nails Inc ($25) has a great selection of shades for spring 

Zara mannequin display

Laura Mercier has released new, light-toned shades of Caviar Sticks. Sand Glow & Rose Gold are beautiful neutrals. 

Spring is the perfect time to switch to a light, fresh or floral scent

Tocca's Bianca has notes of tea and jasmine

Giulietta is a floral scent that celebrates the Corsican honeymoon of Italian director Federico Fellini & Giulietta Masin

Bold fuchsia roses adorn the bottle of Bond No.9's latest, Central Park South

Jo Malone's recent limited-edition gourmand fragrance collection: Sugar & Spice

It's always fun to sample scents from the luxurious Kilian line. 

The Swarovski boutique always has gorgeous crystal jewelry and unique collector's items on display. 

I also stopped by the local pet store to pick up some shampoo for my cat, Miss Kitty, who some of you may remember from past posts. Whenever I'm at the pet store I like to look at the cats and puppies that are up for adoption and always leave the store hoping that they all find good homes. I wish I could do more to help! I imagine it must be difficult to place adult cats. One of my favorite local non-profits is The Cat Network, an organization that provides a great service to the community by fostering and finding homes for stray or unwanted cats such as those shown here.

This one looks sad (she is cross-eyed), but she was a sweetheart and very friendly

Some of the other critters on display:

A beautiful little Diamond Dove 

A trio of Society Finches


Bearded Dragon 

Thank you for visiting! 

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  1. I love those wedges! Awwww... cats....
    You see how I'm speechless now?

    1. Hi xuvious, The wedges are cute! I really love the blue and white ones too :) The cats were all so friendly...

  2. Those cats! It's not allowed here to have pets at the petshops (which is a good thing) so I kinda wondered if it's different there? Or are they on ly there at certain days? Whenever I got to the shelter it's so hard to resist taking them all home with me. There are so many adorable sweet cats there. And gosh, this post is just so full of pretty things to look at! Love the wedges a lot!

    1. Hi Teri, I believe these cats are on display only during certain hours or on the weekend and at night they return to their foster home provided by The Cat Network. I'm the same way - I'd love to take them all home if I could!

      The wedges are really cute. I didn't buy them although I'd love to have them! :)

  3. The birds are all really cute. I absolutely love birds.

    1. Hi Iris, me too :) I had never seen Diamond Doves before - they are so pretty!

  4. Hi Shannon,

    I loved seeing all the fragrance display; what great pedestal for the Bond No.9 ---- and interesting sweet display for the Jo Malones. I haven't had the chance to browse recently, so it's nice to be able to take a photographic trip here!

    It's great that a pet shop is working together with a cat rescue group--- it seems like a win-win situation for both animals and pet lovers :) The Diamond Doves are so pretty; I remember the 'Diamond Dove' color in the MAC Iris Apfel collection looked quite similar to them. I didn't realize the 'Diamond' part actually referred to a specific type of dove!

    1. Hi Dovey, The Bond No. 9 display is very pretty and I love the bottle, but am not sure if I love the actual fragrance... Jo Malone's Elderflower & Gooseberry fragrance is on my wishlist! Interesting about the Diamond Dove color in the Apfel collection - I had never known they existed until this past weekend :)

  5. The wedges look lovely. I want to wear spring clothes so bad...Can you believe that where I live, we are still getting snow storms!? Spring is sooo overdue.

    Did you like anything from Jo Malone Sugar & Spice collection? I liked the sound of Lemon Tart and Ginger Biscuit. However when I when to Nordstrom yesterday and had the opportunity to smell them, they didn't impress me. I find Lemon Tart smell to much like the lemon scents from cleaning supplies. I don't really remember how Ginger Biscuit smell now. I know that it didn't wow me though. I think I need to go back and re-smell it to make sure.

    Tocca Bianca has notes that are one of my favorites: tea and jasmine. I made a note to smell this on my next shopping trip. Thanks for sharing!

    Whenever I go to Pet Mart or Petco, I like to look that the cats too. However, I also ended up feeling depressed knowing that they don't have loving homes to go to (and some may never). I wish I'm a billionaire, so I could take home all of these cats. Right now taking care of one is already quite a handful. I'm also saddened by the fact that kittens are more preferable in being adopted. People like to shower lots of love to babies/baby animals but once they've grown (and lost their cuteness) it's seems like they no longer care for them as much.

    I always love and am interested in the photos you've taken. I've just followed you on Instagram ;)

    1. Hi Paige,

      Thanks for the kind comment!

      Of all the Jo Malone Sugar & Spice scents I like Elderflower & Gooseberry most. I know what you mean about Lemon Tart - it is difficult to make a good lemon-based scent that doesn't resemble cleaning supplies or air freshener!

      It is very sad to see the number of homeless cats and dogs -- I also wish I had the space and the budget to give them a home! I agree - people love the babies but the average person is not interested in adopting an adult. I think that some of the animal advocate organizations are doing a better job at marketing them by taking great photos and sharing them on Facebook and the web so that they get more exposure, but still I imagine it is not easy to find homes for them :(

  6. Replies
    1. Love the stripes - they are perfect for spring/summer :)


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