Saturday, August 17, 2013

Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer In-Store Swatches: Baby Jane, Shocking, Delphine, Sally and Stone Jungle

Below are swatches of a few more Marc Jacobs colors I tried on in Sephora today. I hope these will be helpful to anyone considering these colors. I did not purchase any of these shades, but my favorites in this bunch in order of preference are Delphine, Shocking, and Baby Jane.

  • Baby Jane is an opaque greige. We've seen many similar shades released in recent years, but I never tire of neutral putty shades like this. The formula covers well in one coat, but I used two for evenness.   
  • Shocking is a lovely opaque fuchsia -- nice to have if you don't already own something similar. It is shown here with two coats.  
  • Delphine is a smoky grey with plum tones (along the lines of Metro Chic and You Don't Know Jacques, etc.) I really like this one! It's slightly more sheer than Baby Jane, but reaches opacity with two coats. 
  • Sally is emerald green shimmer in a sheer black base. This one needs three coats to look its best. Most of the time it looks almost black--the pretty shimmer really only shows up in bright lighting. 
  • Stone Jungle is a basic silver foil. I feel like I've seen very similar shades from NARS, Essie, and quite a few other brands. This one applies nicely and covers well in one coat but, like all foils, it emphasizes any flaws or ridges in the nail.

Indoors in natural light

In the photos taken in sunlight below, my camera wasn't sure how to interpret the shade Shocking and turned it into a neon pink, but in reality it is more cool toned and an elegant fuchsia.

In full sunlight 


Hope you are all having a great weekend! 


  1. Hi Shannon,

    I think Baby Jane and Shocking would be my favorites here! Nudes and fuschias always have a place in my stash :)

    1. Hi Dovey, Great picks! Those two would be must-haves for me if I didn't already have so many fuchsias and neutrals - still I am very tempted to pick up Shocking at some point! :)

  2. I've been reading a lot of posts about Marc Jacob polishes and I find a lot of the nail polish colors (esp. the creams) has been done before by other brands unfortunately. I know I sound unenthusiastic but I guess I'm trying to prevent myself from spending too much money on makeup. Lately, I've discovered that I had been 'collecting' rather than 'using' makeups. I own too many polishes and each barely get used :P

    However, one shade has managed to sneak past my defense--Le Charm. It has intrigue me the most. I can't resist adding this to my wish list :)

    1. Hi Paige, I agree - although they are all very nice, there are only a few that are entirely unique. I love Le Charm! It is one of two that first caught my eye (the other is Petra). I think it is such a lovely, sparkly shade and a beautiful rose-gold tone. :)


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