Friday, September 13, 2013

Polish of the Day: Nails Inc. Marylebone

I picked up this stunning, ultra-glittery Nails Inc. polish recently after I tried it on in Sephora and caught myself glancing down at my hands to look at my sparkly nails throughout the rest of the afternoon! I love glitter, but confess I don't wear it all that often, but I had a couple of days off from the office this week and decided it would be the perfect time to get some use out of Marylebone.

This polish consists of a clear base and what looks to be two different sizes of silver glitter--a small hexagonal shape and a very fine square-shape--along with equally fine fuchsia glitter. Viewed at a distance, the two shades of glitter combined on the nail create a silvered-lavender look.

The formula is rather thick, simply due to all of the densely-packed glitter. It provides almost opaque glitter coverage with just one coat, but I used two coats just to make sure I didn't miss any spots. If you were to wear a metallic silver polish underneath as a base, a single coat would definitely be sufficient. It dries to a gritty texture and, like most glitter polishes, removal can be time-consuming but I think the results in this case justify the extra work.

Marylebone is a sparkling confection fit for a fairy tale princess and is the epitome of girly, yet somehow manages to retain a certain sophistication. Although my girlhood days are long behind me, may I never be too old to enjoy some glitter now and then!

Nails Inc. Marylebone 3D Glitter Polish 

Perfume bottle shown is Van Cleef & Arpels Feerie Eau de Toilette. 


  1. I don't always love full glitter coats like this, but in this case I definitely think it's worth it - stunning and fairy tale like!

    1. Hi Larie, it's a really fun polish to wear - I really like it! It feels rough to the touch, which I don't mind much, but something to keep in mind. I didn't use a top coat though - that might smooth things out... :)

  2. 限り、逮捕または壊れて、袋として記述することができますから成るほぼすべていくつかの異なる小さなできます材料の部分に成長する窒息の危険性、等。キャップとを大変な方法することができますお楽しみください後、結婚式。ショルダー バッグ


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