Monday, January 27, 2014

Coming Soon and 2014 Beauty Resolutions

Hi everyone! I hope your year is off to a good start. It feels like ages since I've posted. I have a few things to share but, once again, life has gotten in the way. My favorite camera lens died on me and my day job has been keeping me busy (I know, excuses, excuses...). Later this week I plan to post more photos and swatches of the above items from Laura Mercier's 2014 spring collection.

Being a fan of pinks, peaches and corals, you can imagine my love for this time of year in the beauty world. I find the colors that are typically included in spring collections tend to be the most flattering and wearable (aside from the usual Easter-egg pastels, which I enjoy on nails but not so much on my face).

I was excited to see that Hourglass has released new Ambient Lighting blushes, and I have ordered three shades: Radiant MagentaDiffused Heat and Mood Exposure. Have any of you tried these yet? I'm looking forward to receiving them and plan to feature them in a separate post.

Beauty Resolutions 

Among my 2014 resolutions are to shop less in general and to attempt to use up some of the items I already own. These are things I had also resolved to do last year, but failed miserably (though I can say I have slowed down on new purchases in comparison to prior years).

My love for makeup and beauty is still going strong, but I am making an effort to transition into more of a minimalist lifestyle. Over-budget spending and accumulation of excess products are habits that no longer work for me, given the stage of life I am in. So, to help curb my admittedly over-zealous shopping tendencies, I've included a few spending guidelines at the top of my list.


  • No beauty purchases on credit. (If I can't afford to pay cash, I don't need it.) 
  • Whenever possible, try on products in the store before buying. (I've spent untold amounts of money on products that are beautiful in photographs and swatch nicely, but look awful on me.) 
  • Do not purchase six different, but similar, shades of drugstore lipsticks in an attempt to duplicate a high-end product. Just buy the one, awesome high-end lipstick and be done with it! (You know you won't be satisfied with the others.)
  • Don't make a purchase just because an item is on sale. It's never a good deal if you don't need it in the first place. (Sephora VIB sale, I'm looking at you.)
  • Beauty gifts from friends and family are always acceptable and welcome! (Hint, hint.)


  • Sort through collection and toss any old, expired items. 
  • Give away, sell, or donate items that no longer work for you or are unflattering, as well as any unused items that you do not plan to use in the future.
  • Organize collection in such a way that products are accessible and easy to locate. 
  • Rotate products weekly in order to get more use out of forgotten items. 


  • Continue to learn new techniques and be inspired by favorite bloggers, YouTubers, and makeup artists. There's always room for improvement! 

Have your resolutions for 2014 included any beauty-related goals? I'm not sure if my list will be helpful to anyone else, but thought I would put it out there, if only for the sake of personal accountability! Feel free to offer any advice or tips. They are always much appreciated!