Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a relaxing weekend. I popped into Macy's on Friday to see MAC's most recent collection, Alluring Aquatic. At the counter I tried on a few of the items I was most interested in: Seduced at Sea blush, Enchanted One lipstick, and the beautiful bronzer, Aphrodite's Shell and thought I would share a few photos of this impromptu look--although it was a little worn in by the time these photos were taken, a couple of hours after returning from the mall!

Seduced at Sea Extra Dimension Blush

Enchanted One Matte Lipstick

Aphrodite's Shell Extra Dimension Bronzer
My favorite bronzer in the collection is Aphrodite's Shell. It is so soft and natural looking and would be difficult to overdo. And doesn't it look just gorgeous in the pan? I certainly don't need another bronzer, but it was truly hard to resist! I recommend it for those with very fair or light skin tones, but I imagine it would be too subtle for those with medium or darker skin tones.
Wearing Enchanted One lipstick

Aphrodite's Shell bronzer on cheeks and bridge of nose

Bronzer: MAC Aphrodite's Shell 
Powder foundation: Estee Lauder Doublewear - Desert Beige

Blush: MAC Seduced at Sea 

Lipstick: MAC Enchanted One 
Lip pencil: MAC Spice 

Top liner: MAC Fluidline - Ash Violet (Black Swan substituted in swatch photos) 
Bottom liner: Pearlglide eye liner - Industrial 
Inner corner highlight: MAC Shadestick - Cuddle
Mascara: Le Volume De Chanel - #10 Noir

Left to right: Seduced at SeaAphrodite's ShellEnchanted OneIndustrial, and Black Swan 


By the time I began working on this post I had already forgotten what product I had used on my top lash line, so I used Black Swan, one of the Pearlglide eye liners in the Alluring Aquatic collection, as a substitute in the swatch photos above (mine is from a previous collection). Not long afterward I remembered that I had used MAC's Ash Violet Fluidline, a sparkly dark purple gel liner. Sorry for the confusion! 

Also used, but not shown in the swatches, is MAC's Spice lip liner, which I don't own. The MAC artist recommended using it with Enchanted One lipstick. It is a very close match but is perhaps a bit too dark and obvious--it reminds me of my 90s self, back when brown-toned lipsticks defined with heavy liner was the look du jour! I will probably use something lighter, like Urban Decay's Naked or similar. 
Sea Me, Hear Me Extra Dimension Blush
Initially I thought I would pass on both of the blushes in this collection, thinking they might be too orangey or brick-toned but after trying them both on, I really liked the natural, kind of sunburned (in a good way), effect they produce. Seduced at Sea is the perfect complement to Enchanted One lipstick and Sea me, Hear Me would be great paired with pink, plum or berry lip colors. Using either of these blushes combined with a bronzer is an easy way to fake a sun-kissed complexion. 

I also picked up three of the Extra Dimension eye shadows. Going in, I had my mind set on Fathom's Deep, the dark smoky violet shade, but was undecided about Lorelei and the others. After seeing it in person, I decided Lorelei is both pretty and practical, so it made the cut as well. Legendary Lure was a random, unexpected choice for me, but I ended up loving the way it looked in the pan, with its deep emerald green undertone. The only shade that I'm still tempted by is the olive-bronze, Sea Worship. I may go back for that one, although it is likely sold out by now, as everything in this collection seems to be going very fast!   

Fathom's Deep 
Legendary Lure 

I could tell this was going to be a popular collection, but was surprised at just how fast some of these items sold out, both online and in stores. I am a big fan of MAC's Extra Dimension formula and love the aqua theme and fun packaging, so I knew resistance would be futile! 

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  1. I love the look of Seduced at Sea and Aphrodite's Shell on you! I wanted both of them, but when I checked Nordstrom online neither one was available. I did pick up the Clear Water Lipglass and it is beautiful! I also purchased the Silver Sun eyeshadow, but that is on backorder. I'm glad you are enjoying your purchases, too. I feel lucky to have even scored the two items that I did. I really wish MAC would stop with all of the limited edition collections. My nearest MAC counter is over an hour away so I pretty much have to order online.

  2. Hi Grinxdor, Thank you!! :) The Clear Water Lipglass and Silver Sun both look lovely. :) I totally agree about the limited edition collections. Usually, by the time I check the MAC website all of the popular items are already sold out. I only managed to get these items because I had a day off on Friday and went to the mall early in the morning, but even then many of the shadows were sold out...

  3. As always, your choices and arrangement of shades are impeccable!

    I picked up Seduced at Sea along with a few other items as well. Based on the promo pictures, I expected this collection to be kind of boring, but the eye shadows in particular were amazing. I keep wanting to go out to look for more shades that might be left... :)

    1. Thank you, Liz! :) I am so tempted to collect all of the shadows...I was at Nordstrom today and the sales assistant said all of them were already sold out! Now, I need to start saving up for the Kelly Osbourne collection!

  4. oh, I really like how the eyeliners look on you, what pretty shades! you can pull of such shades like enchated really well as well. / Claire xxx

    1. Thank you Claire! :) The neutral/brownish tones of Enchanted One really help to balance out the more colorful eyeliners xx

  5. The packaging is beautiful! It would be lovely sitting on my vanity.

    1. I love the packaging - especially the pretty aqua color. The water droplets are a creative and original touch!

  6. The lipstick reminds me of how MAC Mocha looks on me! You look very pretty! :-)

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    1. Thanks so much! Mocha was one of the very first MAC lipsticks I ever purchased :)


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