Friday, June 27, 2014

Bobbi Brown Cheeky Color Powder Blush

Bobbi Brown has a new blush display, "Cheeky Color," on counters this summer. I spotted it over the weekend at Nordstrom and again today at Macy's, where I had a chance to jot down the names of the shades included. I was told by the counter manager that there are some brand new colors, while others are re-promotes, along with existing permanent shades. She also mentioned that the vibrant matte red-orange shade, Flame, replaces an older "Shimmer Blush" shade by the same name (however, the shimmery version of Flame is currently still available on Of the shades on the list below the only shades that I have never seen before are Coral Sugar and Pretty Sugar, so I marked those as new.
  • Pastel Pink 
  • Pale Pink
  • Pastel Peach 
  • Clementine
  • Rose
  • Pretty Pink
  • Berry
  • Coral Sugar (new)
  • Pretty Coral (new)
  • Flame (new in matte formula)
  • Apricot 
  • Poppy 

Although I was very tempted by the shade Pretty Coral, I managed to resist by reminding myself of all the many similar pinky-coral shades I already have at home. I'm sorry that I don't have any swatches of the new shades above to show you, but thought this would be a good opportunity to share my personal Bobbi Brown powder blush collection, which coincidentally includes two of the shades in the "Cheeky Color" display: Pale Pink and Apricot

  1. Apricot - a bright matte pink, that might have been more appropriately named "Watermelon"
  2. Nude Peach - a soft, satin pale peach
  3. Washed Rose (Shimmer Blush) - a plummy rose with silver shimmer 
  4. Pink Sugar (Shimmer Blush) - a soft, pale pink with gold shimmer (my personal favorite)
  5. Pale Pink - a cool-toned vibrant pink (not at all pale, despite the name), said to have been worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day
  6. Desert Pink - a matte, neutral rosy-pink (somewhat similar to MAC's Blushbaby

I also have one more shade I picked up a few years ago, Sandstone, which is the unlucky odd man out that did not make it into a spot in my handy 6-pan palette. Sandstone is a matte taupey-tan that can be used as a subtle blush, a contouring shade, or even as an eye shadow. 
From left to right: SandstoneApricotNude PeachWashed RosePink SugarPale PinkDesert Pink

In the past I have overlooked Bobbi's blush offerings in favor of MAC or NARS, but after spending some time getting better acquainted with the range, I found that there are quite a few beautiful colors to choose from. Perhaps the only drawback is their small pan-size, containing only 0.13 oz ($26) of product versus a typical MAC blush, which contains 0.21 oz ($21). For myself this is not an issue, as I cannot remember the last time I've hit pan on a powder blush. I also like the convenient 3-pan and 6-pan palettes, priced at a fairly affordable $10 each. It's very simple to pop in and remove the blush pans and the shade labels are easily visible. Now, if only they offered a 9 or 12-pan palette!  

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Face of the Day: Greens and Plums on Eyes with Peachy Lips and Cheeks

From time to time I get weary of using the same brown or taupe shadow (as much as I love a good taupe), and have the urge to do something a bit more colorful. Today I decided to put to use a forgotten item that I purchased over a year ago: Anastasia's Pacific Coast Palette (part of the spring 2012 "Wish You Were Here" set). I like the look worn by the model shown on the packaging and decided I would try to replicate it. 

Apologies for featuring an older item that is no longer available, but these shades are not so unique that they can't easily be duplicated using products from other brands. Urban Decay's Bordello is more metallic, but similar in tone to the pale lilac shade, and any smoky purple will do for the plum shade. MAC's Aquadisiac could stand in for the aqua shade, and for the dark green, Bobbi Brown's Bash or Urban Decay's Loaded would work well.

I have a love/hate relationship with blues and greens. I love all variations of aqua, teal and tiffany blue when used in clothing, jewelry, home decor, candles and glassware, and so on, but when it comes to blue or green on my eyes I'm often worried about crossing that fine line between a fun pop of color and scary clown territory! look didn't turn out quite like the model's. Unfortunately, you cannot see the lilac shade as much as I would have liked. And I may have gone a little overboard with Milani's Eye Tech Bold pen liner, which is not hard to do (its jumbo size makes me feel like I'm using a Sharpie marker on my eyes). 

I tend to put more thought into my blush and lip choices when wearing blues or greens. I try to stick to a light caramel nude or an understated peach and coordinating cheek color. Today, I wanted to try out a new purchase: Laura Mercier's Bonne Mine Stick Face Colour in the shade Coral Glow. Although it looks as if it would be very pigmented and bright, the color becomes quite sheer once blended out. For lips I used Trish McEvoy's Classic Lip Color in the shade Natural 16 and Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Illegal along with the Guava gloss that came in the Anastasia set.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bobbi Brown Shell Lipstick

While browsing in Nordstrom over the weekend I came across a new, whopping, 27-shade lipstick display at the Bobbi Brown counter. I am not sure how many of these are newly introduced colors or whether they will all be permanent additions to the line. I did notice that at least one of the shades (Pink Kiss) was released previously, in February of this year, as part of the Uber Pink collection. It looks like all of these are all in the "Lip Color" formula--Bobbi's classic, original lipstick formulation, described as providing creamy, semi-matte, full coverage.

The one shade I have to share with you today is Shell--a lovely, soft, warm peachy-nude. The formula is very creamy and opaque with a slight sheen, but without any noticeable shimmer. This is a great, versatile nude because it is quite understated yet has enough color to provide some brightness to the lips, so it can perform equally well as a complement to dramatic eye looks or as a casual, everyday shade.

Below is a comparison with a few of the other Bobbi Brown Lip Colors to give you a better sense of the color. 
Left to right: ShellCarnationSalmonPale PinkPink Kiss

Wearing Bobbi Brown's Shell and MAC's Lorelei Extra Dimension shadow

Bobbi Brown Lip Color display -- spotted at Nordstrom

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