Sunday, October 5, 2014

MAC Brooke Shields Collection: Gravitas Eyeshadow Palette and Nail Polishes in Dignity and Pricey

I haven't been following MAC's new releases as closely as I used to and sometimes only learn of new collections when I receive MAC's marketing email in my inbox but, sadly, by that time most of the in-demand items are long gone--as was the case with the Brooke Shields Gravitas 15-pan eye shadow palette. I didn't give it much more thought until Saturday morning as I was walking through Macy's and was drawn to the MAC counter to take a look at the collection. As luck would have it, the sales associate said there was one palette left. But, I asked myself, did I need another eye shadow palette--especially one that has a few shades that I already own? Well...the rational half of my brain said, "Not really." But the more dominant, fun-loving half of my brain said, "Heck yeah, you do--and why not throw in a couple of nail polishes while you're at it!"

MAC Brooke Shields Gravitas Eye Shadow x 15 Palette

Top Row: 

Pretty (Satin)
Soft Brown (Matte)
Expensive Pink (Veluxe Pearl)
Clove (Satin)
Satin Taupe (Frost)

Middle Row: 

Canter (Frost)
Luscious (Frost)
Antiqued (Veluxe Pearl)
Psyche (Frost)
Carbon (Matte)

Bottom Row: 

Shroom (Satin)
Persuade (Matte)
Plummed (Veluxe Pearl)
Lofty (Satin)
Pepper (Velvet)

Left to right: Pretty, Canter, Shroom, Soft Brown, Luscious, Persuade, Expensive Pink, Antiqued, Plummed, Clove, Psyche, Lofty, Satin Taupe, Carbon, Pepper

Left to right: Pretty, Canter, Shroom, Soft Brown, Luscious, Persuade, Expensive Pink, Antiqued, Plummed, Clove, Psyche, Lofty, Satin Taupe, Carbon, Pepper

I am really looking forward to using this palette on a daily basis. It has a nice ratio of neutrals and more colorful shades, along with mattes and shimmers. I do wish there would have been a different shade in place of Carbon, as I already own two of them. A matte black is always helpful and I can understand why they would include it, but Carbon is notoriously over-used in MAC palettes. Perhaps it is time for this shade to either retire or be reborn in a new formulation. What do you think? 

The Gravitas palette is a great value for anyone who doesn't already own the permanent shades included here, which are: ShroomSoft Brown, Expensive Pink, Antiqued, Satin Taupe, and Carbon. I'm sorry I don't have better swatches for you, but do visit Temptalia for a closer look at the individual shades and a more comprehensive review of the palette. It is currently sold out on MAC's website but may still be available at your local counter, although there seems to be a limited supply, unfortunately. If you're not able to get your hands on it, there are also two Veluxe Pearlfusion eye shadow palettes: "Mortal" and "Trusted Instinct" ($44), which are both currently still available on MAC's website and Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy's, and Dillards.    

There are two limited-edition nail polishes in this collection: Dignity--a pretty and ladylike salmon cream, and Pricey--a glossy, dark warm red, described by MAC as "burgundy." They contain 0.34 oz, which is the same amount of product in MAC's standard polishes, but these cost $5 more ($17 versus $12). The bottles are of the "ice cube" shape, similar to those used by Estee Lauder, and the gray-toned brush handles are adorned with Brooks Shields' signature in vibrant orange. The formula of Dignity is quite nice and opaque. These polishes are described by MAC as having a new high gloss formula with a "no streak/no chip finish." When applying Pricey I had some difficulty getting even coverage around the cuticles due to the somewhat narrow brush--but that may have been my own fault--I am not an expert at applying such dark shades. Pricey, although not a unique color, is really gorgeous. I can never get enough of this type of deep red.  

Dignity Nail Lacquer

Pricey Nail Lacquer

Have a lovely week! 


  1. I'm so sad I missed this palette! :(
    It looks like an amazing deal and I was actually looking to put together a custom mac palette with very similar shades. Sigh.... Maybe I should attempt a scavenger hunt? Anyways, really excited for you being able to get your hands on this one!

    Marianna |

  2. Hi Marianna, Thank you! :) I don't know why MAC didn't produce more of these. They sold out so quickly online. I hope you are able to find one -- but if it's any consolation I think a custom palette, despite the higher price, would be even better in the long run because you would be able to select your very favorite shades -- there are some shades in here that are a bit lackluster, and also the palette is not reusable -- you cannot pop out the pans and replace them with new shadows. But it is nice to see MAC offering this sort of 15-pan palette and I hope they design more in the future!

  3. You know, I must admit that I am very annoyed with your post because I was perfectly okay with missing out on this palette until I saw your swatches. Now I'm convinced I NEED it (I really don't) and that my makeup collection will be lacking without it (of course it won't).

    In all seriousness, I am glad that you did manage to snag one and hope that others will be as lucky! It really is a shame that MAC never produces enough of the products that are clearly going to be popular. I am consoled by the fact that a few of these shades are permanent and that I will likely be able to find very similar colors within MACs own permanent range and probably in my own stash.

    - Dhariane

    1. Hi Dhariane, I agree, it is a shame that MAC continues to produce limited quantities of items that are the most popular :( It's a nice palette but for those who already have some of these shades I think it is not a must-have. You will definitely be able to duplicate most if not all of these shades :)

  4. In love with the shades in the palette, they are gorgeous!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Hi Jasmine, It is pretty to look at! Most of the colors are quite warm but I'm glad they included a few neutral/cool shades as well :)

  5. I agree about Carbon! I don't actually own many MAC eyeshadows at all and don't have it, but I see it pop up in palettes every time, and it's really just not that good. Looks all powdery and patchy every time I see it. I thought about picking up this palette because it seems so versatile, but the MAC LE hunt is kind of exhausting. I'm glad you managed to snag one, though!

    1. Hi Larie, I know what you mean about the MAC limited edition hunt! I'm much less tempted these days by MAC's collections but something about the Brooke Shields collection really appealed to me - all of the items look flattering and wearable :)

  6. I wasn't fully convinced of the greatness of this palette until I saw your row of swatches! They look like fall leaves of every colour lined up together. :D

    1. Hi Liz, It is a nice palette for fall. I wore the orangey-bronze shade today along with the shimmery plum. Looking forward to trying out other combos soon :)

  7. Shadows are very warm for the fall season


    1. Hi Faye, Yes - definitely a warm toned palette - really like the selection of shades they've included :)


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