Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve Nails: Mixed Metals French Tips

I am no expert at nail art, but thought I would try something a little more interesting than my standard gold or silver polish this year and came up with the combo below. I think the rose-bronze Nails Inc. Old Park Lane is a nice contrast to OPI's spectacular silver chrome polish, Push and Shove

I am pretty basic when it comes to polish--one color, two to three coats and done--so this was a bit out of my norm. I got a little help with the french tips from Kiss's Design Perfection manicure guides. After some practice, I found the key to a better result is to:

  • Wait until the first layer of polish is completely dry before applying the guides. 
  • Press the guides onto the nail securely, making sure there are no gaps where polish could leak and ruin the perfect edge. 
  • Wait until the tip color is totally dry before removing the guides (this was tough for me, as I was ready to rip them off after a minute or two).
  • Plan to have something entertaining to watch on TV during this process!

I have short nail beds, so I used the narrow brush pictured above to apply the silver polish on the edges of my nails in the areas where the large OPI brush cannot reach without making a mess. If you have longer nail beds or long nails you will not have that issue.

I think the end result is a fun and festive look for a party or special occasion. I also love the look of silver french tips paired with a sheer pale pink like Essie's Mademoiselle, or the peachy nude, Back in the Limo. I may try that combo next! 

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my blog and wish you all health, happiness, and prosperity in 2015. May the coming year bring good things to all.

Cheers to the New Year! 


  1. So pretty! I can never do it so beautifully. Even if I can paint my left, my right will be a mess! No control whatsoever using my left hand. LOL!

    1. Thank you Lily! It is not easy - I practiced a few times the night before and made a mess. It definitely takes a lot of time and patience. I kept thinking, maybe it would be a lot easier to have a nail technician do this instead! LOL. Happy New Year!

  2. Oh, love this! So beautiful! I could never manage clean lines like that. And then like Lily said, only one hand would come out decently!

    1. Thank you Larie! I had seen silver tips online and wanted to do something similar. It took so much time I probably won't be doing it again any time soon, but I love the look! :) Happy New Year!


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