Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cinderella Eye Look Featuring MAC Stroke of Midnight Palette and Esqido Mink Lashes


Hi everyone! I ordered just two items from the MAC Cinderella collection: the Iridescent Powder Coupe d'Chic, and after some deliberation I also picked up the Stroke of Midnight eye palette because even though all but one of the shades are permanent colors, I only own Satin Taupe so I thought it would be a nice way to try some of MAC's neutrals that were not in my existing collection. 

Today I'll be sharing an eye look I did over the weekend using shades from this palette along with a bit of Pretty It Up pigment (also included in this collection but sold out before I could get hold of it--I have a mini version from a 2014 holiday set), and the very glamorous ESQIDO mink lashes.*

Stroke of Midnight Palette

  1. Vapour 
  2. Phloof! 
  3. Omega
  4. Quarry 
  5. Satin Taupe 
  6. Stroke of Midnight (new shade)

Coupe D'Chic Iridescent Powder
As you may have already discovered, Coup D'Chic Iridescent Powder is a bit of a glitter bomb, but I think it is perfectly appropriate for a Cinderella collection, and I really like it! Although it does have some color to it, it is too pale to work on me as a blush color, but it makes a lovely blush topper/highlighting shade.  
ESQIDO mink lashes in the style "Unforgettable"

My own lashes are short and straight, so false lashes really helped to transform this look from everyday neutrals into something more glamorous! 

I find frosty colors hard to pull off sometimes, especially as I am getting older, but I like the contrast of the taupe-bronze pigment with the frosty Phloof and icy-silver liner on the bottom lash line. Omega makes a great warm-toned crease shade and Stroke of Midnight works nicely as a defining shade. It is intense enough to be used as a liner on its own, which is handy if you are traveling with this palette and don't want to bring along a separate eye liner. 

Product List

MAC Pretty it Up pigment - lids 
MAC Omega - crease
MAC Vapour - above crease as a blending shade
MAC Phloof - inner corner highlight and along bottom lash line
MAC Stroke of Midnight - outer corner of top lash line
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner Brown - upper lash line
Smashbox Celebrate (pale silver) - bottom lash line
ESQIDO mink lashes in the style Unforgettable

Buxom Full-Bodied Lipstick Mistress
Dolce & Gabbana Ultra-Shine Lip Gloss #50 Glossy

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Sand
Vapour Organic Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation S115
MAC Powder Blush Launch Away!
MAC Iridescent Powder Coupe D'Chic

*Press sample


  1. What a lovely look! You look beautifully radiant! I wish I had bought that palette, but it flew.

    1. Thanks so much! :) It is too bad everything seemed to sell out so quickly. It would be great if MAC would produce more inventory for collections that are sure to be in high demand like this one.

  2. Eee what a stunning look! You really could be a Disney princess! I only own Satin Taupe, so I'm thinking maybe it's a good idea to pick up the palette. Not that I need more neutrals per se, but it's pretty!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Sunny! I did not need any more neutrals either but I talked myself into getting this one and I have no regrets! :)

  3. Absolutely love this look on you, the colours are gorgeous (particularly that lid shade, wow!)
    I love the packaging of the Cinderella collection, not sure I'm going to pick anything up from it at this stage but it sure is nice to look at

    1. Thank you!! :) I really like the lid shade - it is the pigment Pretty it Up, which sold out sooo quickly! It reminds me of Illamasqua's pigment "Ore" that is beautiful as well!

  4. Gooooorgeous look! Totally fit for a Disney princess!

  5. Oh my gosh, this is kind of magical. I was a bit EH when I saw the palette (except for shade 6! So pretty!) so I wasn't expecting much... but wow, it looks so good when worn!

    1. Hi Carina, Thank you!! This is a great everyday palette. The pigment used on the lid helps to make the look more special, because it is so shimmery. I had never used the color Phloof before and I think it does a great job of highlighting :)

  6. I'm definitely not a frosty kind of gal but darn, you look absolutely stunning!

    Alice ♥︎

    1. Thank you for the kind comment! I am not a big fan of frost either, but I think the bronze color helps make the look more wearable :)


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