Saturday, October 24, 2015

Chanel Rose Fusion Le Vernis Nail Colour for Holiday 2015


Rose Fusion ($27, limited edition) is one of three nail colors included in Chanel's new Vamp Attitude collection for Holiday 2015. The other two are the previously released blackened red shade, Vamp, and a new topcoat, Lamé Rouge Noir, which has fine golden flakes in a sheer reddened base.

Rose Fusion is a difficult color to describe. The best I can come up with is that it is a metallic smoky taupe. But actually it is more complex than that. It contains fine pale green iridescent shimmers that give it a lot of sparkle in sunlight. It even seems to have a very weak lavender duo-chrome quality that I can sometimes make out when I tilt my fingers downward, but it is not easily discernible.
Rose Fusion - indoor natural light

I am wearing it here over Deborah Lippmann's All About That Base with Poshe as topcoat. The purple tone shows up quite a bit in these photographs but in person it mostly comes across as a metallic grayish taupe. This polish provides opaque coverage in only one coat, but I used two coats just to make sure there were no uneven spots. As with many metallic formulas, there can be a tendency for visible brush strokes but I didn't encounter any major issues with streaking. A little extra care when applying and a good base coat always help. As of this writing I've been wearing it for two days and have not had any chips.

Rose Fusion - full sunlight
The formula and consistency of Rose Fusion is similar to the 2014 limited-edition shade, Sweet Star. As you can see in the comparison below, they are both opaque metallic shades with sparkly multi-toned shimmers. I would classify Rose Fusion as neutral, but it appears warmer when placed next to the cool-toned silver, Sweet Star.

Comparison swatches - full sunlight 

Comparison swatches - indoor natural light 

My behind the scenes helper, Corsa!
Rose Fusion is a unique shade that fits in beautifully with the other items in the Vamp Attitude collection. It would make a lovely addition to any Chanel enthusiast's collection; however, if you are generally not a fan of metallic or frosty shades you might want to skip this one. I would recommend it as a nice option for those who are looking for something that is festive and eye-catching, yet different than the standard holiday reds and golds that are released at this time of year. Since it is a limited edition shade, if you have your eye on this one I would get it soon before it disappears! 



  1. gooodness, I hardly wear nail polishes and I'm drooling over this shade!

    1. Hi Maeve, Chanel can really come up with some tempting colors - especially around the holidays! :)

  2. That's a pretty shade, we don't get the holiday collection here for a week or so, did you get anything else from the collection? x

    1. Hi Clare, I also got the new Illusion D'ombre, but so far haven't picked up anything else. I think I will give the collection one more look the next time I'm in the mall to see if there is anything else I might "need" :) xx


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